I can print!
I can write in cursive!
Look at my handwriting!
My writing is getting better!


Before/After Handwriting Samples!

Designed by Lisa Marnell, MS, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

After seeing her daughter struggle in kindergarten, Caroline's mom began the "Handwriting Help for Kids" program. Caroline started with the "Learn Letters" workbook and Learn Letters "Write-On"


Printing Sample

from 5-year-old


Date of Sample: September 21

Caroline is learning "Letter Stories" for each letter. Looks at "R" now! See how she starts "A" and "N" at the top? And her visual-motor control (pencil control) for "O" and "L" are improving as well!

Date of Sample: November 11

Caroline has mastered all of these upper case letters! Well, done! Now, she is eager to continue working in her "Learn Letters" workbook and learn lower case letters. An added bonus: Caroline was bursting with confidence and ready to take it on!

Date of Sample: December 13


Printing Sample

from 9-year-old


Bryan, a sweet, smart boy, received poor grades in school. Worksheets were messy and teachers could not read his handwriting. Starting from scratch, Bryan began the "Learn Letters" workbook to finally master printing. 

Here, we see Bryan has already greatly improved his letter formation.Bryan enjoyed our "Letter Stories" for each letter (the stories are kind of silly), and for the first time (according to his dad) Bryan didn't mind practicing his writing.

By the end of November Bryan graduated from the "Learn Letters" workbook and moved on to the next level, "Start Sentences". Here, Bryan is writing sentences and working on making tall letters "tall" and small letters "small". Yay, Bryan! 

Date of Sample: October 31

Date of Sample: November 30

Date of Sample: December 12

Date of Sample: January 9

Great progress in 3 months! Compare this sample to Bryan's first one. The added bonus was that teachers at school noticed his improvement, and hard-working Bryan worked even harder. He moved on to the "Write Well" workbook which addresses letter size, letter spacing, letter alignment on the writing line, and not crowding letters together.

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